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Chain Link Fence Machine

This model produced since 2005 years. Convenient operation, easiness of reconfiguration, automatic ends bending and rolling are improve performance and make work process easy and comfortable. It is making possible to operate with two and more Machines by one technician. Adjustment of mesh settings (length and width of scrim cloth) is carried out on the automatic control box. Automatic Machine ASR-15 allows manufacturing products in a wide range mesh sizes from 20 to 60 mm from the wire diameter from 1 up 3 mm. Widths of scrim cloth can be from 60 centimetres to 2 meters. Using our Machines can be produced mesh from uncoated steel wire, from galvanized wire and from wire with a polymer coating as well.

Produce of Chain-Link Fence

In the video, mesh netting is visible the formation of helices, weaving them into the fabric, automatic cropping and bending wire ends. Therefore, the participation of workers in the creation of a minimum of rolls. This video shows the basic parts and machinery automation, their location and function. Everything happens coherently and harmoniously under microprocessor control unit. Such an organization of production allows a single operator to work with three machines simultaneously. Video was shot in a small workplace and, as you can see, the equipment takes up little space.

Wire Mesh Panel Machine

Video machine Mason”s net demonstrates the important feature of our model – to control both pairs of copper contacts. Lower ground contact pair goes up and down in a semi-automatic mode, when you click on one of the pedals. Upper pair of contacts, in turn, makes a series of blows to the automatic grid until the second pedal is held down. This improvement allowed to speed up the movement of the frame with the bars on the table through the contact gap. The video clip shows how easy and fast operator weld-made rods, moving from circuit to circuit frame.

Machine for Corrugated Sheets Production

Video sheeting – as it is made on machines with manual transmission – shows the layout of the production process. Two people with enough experience for a change made ​​500 sheets. Muscle force with the required minimum, as new design, thanks to an improved system of levers and cams, has a high efficiency. For the manufacture of corrugated sheets do not require prior markup – labels for the bending of the wave front are the constraints placed on two parallel axes. Recession wave is formed after turning the sheet, focusing on the first bend. Dimensional accuracy is obtained quite high.


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Профнастил и сетка рабица в Краснодаре от производителя! Цены на сетку рабицу!