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A special place among the construction materials is a metal mesh steel. It serves to give strength concrete structures and plaster compounds. Steel mesh with small and large cell is available in rolls and maps. When major repairs and decoration of buildings, it is used as a reinforcing material and carries a heavy load. Therefore, the quality of the grid depends on the strength of manufacturing flooded structures.

Plant nets “Lot service” for many years manufacturing various types of construction nets – netting, masonry, welded, kanilirovannuyu, expanded metal, and others, to satisfy the growing needs of the construction market. However, not only in the construction of houses and repair them in metal mesh. They help to protect gardens, make aviaries and cages for animals, pack quality pavement, make technological and air safety barriers at work, etc.

Сетка рабица оцинкованная

Сетка кладочная

Сетка сварная

Просечно-вытяжная сетка

Сетка канилированная

Рабица с мелкой ячейкой

Depending on the thickness of the wire, the cell size and design of the grid can be used for tasks that imply increased or decreased load. By way of manufacturing it can be done either by welding wire resistance welding, or by intertwining with each other lines, and can generally be made of sheet steel with perforation, and by drawing. Materials used steel mesh can be made of galvanized steel or cold-rolled wire varying carbon content. All methods of making nets suitable for specific tasks and economically justified. Therefore, when choosing a particular type of grid construction to advance to clarify for myself – what kind of load it will experience, what kind of environment will be and what tasks to perform. For example, mesh, poured into the concrete and located in the open air, will experience varying degrees of environmental impact. If the fence is better to use the material galvanized, coated with polymer, the reinforcing mesh for it to anything. In the first case, the period of operation to increase a few times, and the second – will remain the same as aggressive environment will affect only the metal during solidification concreted mixture.

Buy a metal grid (Lugansk), price, specify the size and other characteristics can be our sales consultants. Delivery will take place in Ukraine – wholesale and retail.

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Профнастил и сетка рабица в Краснодаре от производителя! Цены на сетку рабицу!
Профнастил и сетка рабица в Краснодаре от производителя! Цены на сетку рабицу!