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Chain Link Fence Machine
Welded Wire Mesh Panel Machine
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Automatic Expanded Metal Mesh Machine (PVP-1,25)

Machine for mesh production

“LOT-Service” Company means the most modern equipment, only certified materials, new technologies and professional staff, Excellent quality products, good prices and individual approach to every customer allows us to meet requests of the most demanding clients.

Our company well known as the manufacturer of machines for the mesh production, but we also big manufactures of different kinds of the building meshes which we produce of our own equipment. We sell equipments, goods and all the required materials.

Machine means the unit used (mainly in industry) for the manipulation with the various materials (metal, wood and other solid materials), or can mean the device for making something.

We offer various kinds of machines for the mesh production: automatic and semi-automatic, for the manufacture of mesh in non-industrial and industrial sectors.

Станок сетки сварной

Meshes produced by our machines have a broad scope – from the big construction industry till simple usage in everyday life, but the main usage is as the guarding and fences. Chain Link Fence is a pretty high demand product.

When purchasing a machine for the production of mesh, you get the opportunity to produce a mesh from  the different  kinds of wire and lots of sizes, iIt will allow you to work in wholesale and retail of meshes. Chain Link Fence or so called Rabitz mesh is the sales leader in guarding and fences market for the past several decades.

Deciding to buy a machine for the Chain Link Fence production, you get a nearly ready-made business, it does not require any additional costs. Think, this is multipurpose business, because you can sale meshes in towns, villages and cities. Our company propose also after-sales and warranty service.

The pay-back  of such business takes about 2 months. This business can be the additional income by making chain link fence in the spare time.

There are different models of machines, all of them can be ordered from us. Delivery of machines, carried out mainly by prior arrangement and with a partial prepayment. If there is ready machine in our stock, realization will be made immediately, without waiting for its manufacturing.

manufacture and sale of equipment for
production of different mesh

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Профнастил и сетка рабица в Краснодаре от производителя! Цены на сетку рабицу!
Профнастил и сетка рабица в Краснодаре от производителя! Цены на сетку рабицу!