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Galvanized Sheet

One of the main activities of our company is metal sheet distribution. We sell galvanized sheet produced in Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Europe. Our company also provides service of sheet cutting by roller guillotine. If you order opt shipment of metal sheet over 1 package (4-6 tons, Ukraine), you will get special discounts and easy terms.

Galvanized sheet is a metal sheet covered with thick zinc layer to protect it from corrosion. It is received by cutting galvanized steel coils. Galvanized steel sheet is classified as crimped sheet, smooth sheet, and corrugated roofing sheet. Our sheets correspond to technical conditions listed in GOST 14918-80. This standard also embraces coil and sheet cold-drawn steel, galvanized in aggregates for continuous hot galvanizing and purposed for colouring, cold profiling, stamped details, tare, ware, and other iron goods. Galvanized steel sheet has the following parameters: width from 710 mm to 1500 mm and thickness from 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm.

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Sheet Weight

The weight of a steel sheet is calculated by formulas or defined by tables of metal sheet weight. Manually calculated dimensions show theoretical weight, while real weight may scarcely or significantly (when the amount is big) differ from calculated one. There are several reasons for that fact. Firstly, when steel is covered with zinc from both sides, its weight grows by each square meter. The thicker the coating, the bigger the difference (according to the thickness grade, it will make up from 142 to 850 g per square meter). In design formula, this difference is usually ignored because zinc and iron have almost equal density.

Secondly, GOST standards include thickness deviations. For example, 1 square meter weight of galvanized sheet with 0.55 mm thickness even by design value makes up 4.3175 kg, while for thickness 0.54 mm (which is de facto 0.55 mm) the weight is 4.239 kg. As you can see, the difference is essential, and each ton receives overweight or underweight. In this way, theoretical weight of galvanized sheet is needed only for approximate calculation. There are no precise data on real weight of metal sheet. All the tables you can find in the Internet will show only theoretical weight of galvanized sheet. They are helpful, for instance, to see how many sheets of definite size there will be in a coil or find out lift capacity of a car for sheet transportation.

Galvanized sheet – Classification

Galvanized thin-sheet steel (galvanized steel sheet) is classified by:

  • purpose:
    • for cold profiling;
    • for cold stamping;
    • for painting;
    • common steel;
  • drawing ability:
    • normal drawing;
    • deep drawing;
    • very deep drawing;
  • regularity of zinc coating thickness:
    • normal gage;
    • reduced gage.

By consumer’s demand, galvanized steel sheet can be produced either with regular spangle or with zero spangle.

According to the thickness of zinc coating, galvanized steel is divided into 3 grades.

According to the thickness of zinc coating, galvanized steel is divided into 3 grades.
Thickness grade Weight of 1 m coating layer from both sides, g Zinc coating thickness, mcm
П (повышенный класс) 855 – 570 60 – 40
1 570 – 258 40 – 18
2 258 – 142,5 18 – 10


Galvanized steel is produced in the following range of size:

  • Width from 710 to 1500;
  • Thickness from 0.4 to 1.5 mm.

Steel sorts

Rolled metal is produced from the following steel sorts:

  • St0, St1, St2, StЗ of all killing levels by State Standard of Ukraine 2651-94 (GOST 380-94);
  • 08ps, 08kp, 08YU by GOST 9045-93;
  • 08ps, 08kp, YUkp by GOST 1050-88.

The Standard also includes other sorts.

In order to protect the surface of galvanized steel sheet from corrosion the sheet is preserved by passivation, oiling, or both.

Shipment and packaging:

We distribute galvanized steel sheet throughout Ukraine in original packing by 5 tons or repack it by 250-300 units per pack placing it on a wooden pallet and fixing with a sealing tape. The amount of sheets in a pack may vary by customer’s request.

You can learn the price for galvanized steel sheet from our managers, please visit our Contacts page.

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