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Galvanized corrugated roofing sheet and prepainted galvanized corrugated roofing sheet

LOT-Service produces and sells galvanized corrugated roofing sheet and prepainted galvanized corrugated roofing sheet.Corrugated roofing sheet is a construction material widely used for roofing, facades and fencing. Due to easy assembling, even extremely complicated projects are implemented in the shortest terms. Most often it is used in house-building, fencing and quickly erected objects.

Quality characteristics of galvanized corrugated roofing sheet make it one of the best roofing and facing materials. Prepainted corrugated roofing sheet is made of cold-drawn hot galvanized steel and covered with anticorrosion layer. Then it is grounded and covered with varnish, while its outer side is also covered with protection coating (polyester above 25 microns).

Prepainted galvanized corrugated roofing sheet has the following benefits: resistance to climatic changes; small weight; easiness of assembling; short terms needed for construction; a wide range of color, size and metal thickness options; huge bearing capacity and nice appearance.

Профнастил оцинкованный с полимерным покрытием

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Corrugated roofing sheet is used for building constructions (hangars, sheds, warehouses, and trade pavilions), walls, fences, inner barriers. It is also applied as a reliable roofing material and facing material as well.

Product life of prepainted corrugated roofing sheet makes up over 40 years. Polyester coating is resistant to huge thermal gradients; its properties are maintained through cold and heating.

Corrugated roofing sheet is classified by:Профнастил различается по следующим характеристикам:

  • sheet size;
  • metal thickness (from 0.35 to 1.0 mm depending on the sphere of utilization);
  • polymer coating thickness;
  • paint on one side or on both sides;
  • wave depth (from 5 mm to 180 mm);
  • color range (the main colors are red, brown, green, blue, white, grey, and beige).

Corrugated roofing sheet can be:

  • roofing;
  • wall;
  • ceiling;
  • bearing;
  • universal.

Delivery of goods is conducted by motor transport (within Ukraine). Transport expenses are taken by customer, while we provide assistance in search of transport.

You can find out the price for corrugated roofing sheet from our managers. Their phone numbers are listed at all the pages of our Web-site. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them by phone or use the online form on the left. We will be pleased to help you in choice of materials. Besides, we also provide consultations on all products and equipment manufactured by LOT-Service.

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