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LOT-Service offers wire of high quality at available prices. Our company provides wire of the

following types:

  • common wire;
  • galvanized wire;
  • barbed wire;
  • welded wire;
  • wire for reinforced concrete constructions;
  • spring wire.
We’d love to offer you a wide range of metal wire. Common low-carbon iron wire is produced according to the GOST. It is produced in two stages, the 1st step is bar and the 2nd step is wire drawing.

First the metal is rolled, then it is cold-drawn and the product is straightened. Wire is classified by processing type (heat treated, or tie wire and not heat treated); by surface type (without coating, galvanized and PVC coated). The wire is galvanized by running through liquated zinc.


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Tie wire received its title from the main sphere of utilization, as it is used to tie different materials and goods together. Tie wire is used for mesh production, tying, vinery hop hanging and so on. It can be also used for reinforcement tying.

The main property of tie wire is its plasticity. The wire becomes soft due to heat treatment. After the wire is treated with heat, it acquires black cover of metal oxides (black annealing). In order to protect wire from metal oxides light annealing is conducted in bell-typed ovens in inert atmosphere. Such annealing can be conducted only at big production enterprises.

VR-1 wire is also known as die-rolled section wire for reinforced concrete constructions and VR-1 concrete products. Die-rolled section wire is one of the most wide-spread wires in Ukraine, and it is produced by a great number of plants.

VR-1 wire with diameter 4 and 5 mm is produced by GOST 6727-80 of low-carbon common structural steel ST3KP and ST2KP. VR-1 wire with diameter 3 mm is made of 1KP steel. VR-1 has a very high quality; no injuries are tolerable on its surface except marks and scratches not deeper than half a diameter extreme deviate.

If you have any questions regarding wire or you would like to acquire wire from our company, please feel free to contact our specialists by phone numbers listed at Contacts page. Our professional managers will immediately answer all your questions and help you to choose products according to the demands of your production or personal goals.

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