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Crimped wire mesh

We produce meshes of different patterns, including crimped wire mesh. Machines for crimped wire meshes are produced by our company, so we are able to improve its quality.

Huge production areas, equipment of our own production and highly qualified staff provide the opportunities for good prices for crimped wire mesh.

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The range of application of crimped wire mesh:

  • reinforcing concrete constructions with unstandardized strength;
  • reinforcement of thermal insulation materials;
  • gardening fencing;
  • friable materials straining (separation to fractions);
  • clay mud filtering;
  • industrial and private objects fencing;
  • light metal constructions production (stairways, racks, kiosks, and counters).

Crimped wire mesh is produced by orthogonal crossing of pre-bent wires with diameter from 2 to 7 mm.

  Raw Material Details
Wire diameter, mm Max. tensile strength, N/ (kg/, Min. bend quantity
Ø 5 690 [70] 8
Ø 6 690 [70] 4

Steel: any low carbon sorts.

Extra Crimped Wire Mesh Details
Dimension type Mesh cross-section area, % Bar and weft wire diameter, mm 1 sq. m mesh weight, kg
50 х 50 – 5,0 83 5 6,12
50 х 50 – 6,0 80 6 8,65

Permissible deviations from nominal cell size make up ± 3mm.

Crimped wire mesh is made of orthogonal sheets 2200 х 1500 mm. Permissible deviations from nominal mesh length and width make up ± 56 mm. mesh sheets are packed into packages. One package weighs up to 1500 kg.

By client’s request, other geometric parameters and technical details can be produced according to the Technical Standards of Ukraine 27.1-136-002-2002 and GOST 3306-88.

You can learn the price for crimped wire mesh in our sales department. Please turn to the Contacts page.

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