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Galvanized drain systems

If you have built a house, a warehouse, or a workplace, you will inevitably need to acquire drain systems. The market offers a wide range of drain system elements (gutter, drain funnel, downspout, drain clamp, elbow, roof ridge etc.). Products of our company excel by high quality of gutter and low price. It is achievable because we produce drain systems by means of our own production and have large production areas as well as professional staff. Due to these benefits we can offer competitive products at the building market.

LOT-Service produces galvanized drain systems of high quality and gutters with PVC coating as well as extra elements for roofing.

As we have our own equipment and production workshop, we are able to sell drain systems of any size and shape, according to the client’s will.

We use only high-quality material for producing our drain systems. Our drain systems are easy to assemble and exploit, have long duty and aesthetic appearance.

Drain system is an important element of roofing construction. Its main task is to provide a reliable water runoff from roof.

We offer the following items:

Оцинкованная водосточная система
  • gutter;
  • fasteners for gutter;
  • drain funnel;
  • downspouts;
  • drain clamps;
  • downspout elbow;
  • roof ridge;
  • wind barrier;
  • snow barrier;
  • Endova plate;
  • collateral materials.

Note! You should consider choice of drain system while you are buying roofing material. It is better to choose a fitting size for drain system calculating water amount falling from the roof.

Водосточные системы

However, if you are not a specialist, you’d better redirect the choice to professionals. Pay attention that if parameters are calculated not correctly, gutters may be overfilled with water, and there will be hardly any use in drain system on the whole.

You can learn the price for drain systems from our managers by phone numbers listed on our contact information page. You can also ask your questions online by means of special form on our Web-site. Look forward to partnership with you.

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