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Prepainted galvanized steel

Our company supplies prepainted galvanized steel made in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Europe.

Our clients are producers of roofing materials (corrugated roofing sheet, metal tiling and folded roof) as well as facade materials (metal siding, sandwich panels, facade panels), metal doors, household appliances (for example, refrigeration facilities) and industrial equipment (for example, electrical cabinet).

Our advantages are promptness and responsibility.

Prepainted galvanized steel with polyester coating is a metal sheet covered with a polymer layer in order to protect the galvanized coils from corrosion. Galvanized steel is a smooth sheet and corrugated roofing sheet.

Prepainted steel corresponds to the conditions of GOST 14918-80. This standard embraces cold-drawn steel coil and sheet; it can be covered with polymer coating in special facilities.

The size of prepainted galvanized steel sheet varies as follows: width from 710 mm to 1500 mm; thickness from 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm.

Prepainted galvanized steel
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Classification of prepainted galvanized steel sheet

Оцинкованная сталь с полимерным покрытием (цветной лист) разделяется:

  • purpose:
    • for cold stamping;
    • for cold profiling;
    • for painting;
    • common steel;
  • drawing ability:
    • normal drawing;
    • deep drawing;
    • very deep drawing;
  • regularity of zinc coating thickness:
    • normal gage;
    • reduced gage.

According to thickness, prepainted galvanized steel is divided into three grades.

Thickness grade Weight of 1 m coating layer from both sides, g Coating thickness, mcm
Extra с 570 по 855 с 40 по 60
1 с 258 по 570 с 18 по 40
2 с 142,5 по 258 с 10 по 18


Prepainted galvanized steel sheet in the following range of size:

  • Width from 710 to 1500;
  • Thickness from 0.4 to 1.5 mm.

Steel Sorts

Rolled metal is produced from the following steel sorts:

  • St0, St1, St2, StЗ of all killing levels by State Standard of Ukraine 2651-94 (GOST 380-94);
  • 08kp, 08ps, 08YU by GOST 9045-93;
  • 08kp, 08ps, YUkp by GOST 1050-88.

The Standard also includes other sorts.

In order to protect the surface of galvanized steel sheet from corrosion the sheet is preserved by passivation, oiling, or both.

Shipment and packaging of prepainted galvanized steel sheet:

We distribute prepainted galvanized steel sheet throughout Ukraine in original packing by 5 tons or repack it by 250-300 units per pack placing it on a wooden pallet and fixing with a sealing tape. The amount of sheets in a pack may vary by customer’s request. You can learn the price for galvanized steel sheet from our managers, please visit our Contacts page.

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