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Wire Mesh Panel Machine UTS-102

Our company manufacture Welded wire Mesh Panel Machines which can produce welded wire mesh panels with the cell size from 25mm X 25 mm to 200mm X 200mm with the wire diameter from 2 mm to 8 mm.

Welded Wire Mesh Panel Machine adapted for the spot welding using alternating current adjustable in compression force with one or several current pulses for the crossed joints of rods with circular section made from carbon steel. In Machine’s construction for the first time was used the movable down group of contacts. This has provided simple configuration of the machine, and also has increased the convenience of work and speed. The use of pneumatic produced by Italian company CAMOZZI significantly increased the period of contacts usage and at the same time reduced the consumption of compressed air.

Thanks to the usage of guide frame in the manufacture of mesh you can achieve the best quality of mesh with the exact size of the cell.

Technical characteristics Order On-Line

You can use different types of wire with deviations from the operating standards. The machine is multipurpose, it makes possible to manufacture mesh panels with the wide range of cell sizes and panels sizes.

Offered machines proven themselves to be good in work. The advantages of the machine are: high productivity, easy operation and resetting the machine to another type of mesh, high reliability through the use of elements made by leading European manufacturers.

Very high level of protection of electrical equipment, high quality system of forced stop provides reliable operation and allows using the machine per 24 hours. The manufacturer provides the adjustment, running-in of the machines, and also free training (training period is 2 days).

Our company provides technical assistance during the whole period of machine’s usage and makes the upgrading of machines. We also provide all the spare parts and electrodes.

Machine’s Technical Characteristics
Parameter Value
Nominal voltage 380 V
Power Frequency 50 Hz.
Continuous Secondary Current 3,6 kA.
Maximum Secondary Current 9,0 кА.
Rated Cntinuous Output 12,5 kA.
The maximum power consumption with short circuit less than 33 kVA.
Number of stages of secondary voltage of the welding transformer 1
Diameter of wire 2 mm. – 8 mm.
Drive of Compression Pneumatic
Compression Effort, nominal with the air pressure 0,48 MPa 630 kg
Compression Effort, maximum with the air pressure 0,6 MPa 800 kg
Air consumption for the one circle of welding 0,40 dm³. – 0,65 dm³.
Minimum and maximum of distance between the electrodes 25 mm – 200 mm
Working stroke of the upper electrodes 15 mm
Maximum opening of the upper electrodes 50 mm
Working stroke of the down electrodes 50 mm
Overall Dimensions of Machine (Length, Width, Height) 1460mm X 980mm X 1600mm
Weight less than 400 kg
  PRODUCTIVITY, Panels per hour
Cell Size
Panel Size
60 х 60 0,25 х 2 40
60 х 60 0,3 х 2 40
60 х 60 0,37 х 2 50
60 х 60 0,5 х 2 40
60 х 60 1 х 2 25
100 х 100 0,37 х 2 60
100 х 100 0,5 х 2 50
100 х 100 1 х 2 40

Machine Package: 2 guide frames, main machine, manual.


“LOT –SERVICE” company offers machines in Ukraine and abroad. Export shipments of equipment are made without VAT. Terms of delivery – FCA Lugansk. Payment can be made in RUS rubbles or US dollars. The delivery of the equipment usually makes by road transport, we can help you to find the best transport proposition.

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