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Automatic Expanded Metal Mesh Machine (PVP-1,25)

Main advantage of the Expanded Metal Mesh is its low cost price but the productivity of the machine is very high.

The universality of the Machine allows to manufacture goods with the  wide range of cell sizes from 10×25mm to  30×60mm. Mesh width can be up to 1.25m. Winding of roll is automatic. In the manufacture of the expanded metal mesh used cold rolled metal and hot-dip galvanized  metal sheets with the thickness from 0,35 mm up to 1,0 mm.


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Advantages of Automatic Expanded Metal Mesh Machine (PVP-1,25):

  1. Big resource of knives before resharpening – more than 450 thousand times (it is only from the one edge);
  2. Our Expanded Metal Mesh Machine is equipped with a device for roll-winding;
  3. There is not any pneumatics used in our machine;
  4. In this machine used a frequency converter, which give such advantages as:
    • smooth start
    • stepless control of the operating speed
    • energy saving
Technical Characteristic
Parameter Value
Press type Crank
Automation Full Automatic
The number of knife-beam  moves 300 times per min
Thickness of metal 0,35mm – 1,0mm
Width of metal sheet <= 1,25m
Lengthwise run of the knife-beam (regulated) 5mm- 40mm
Transverse run of the knife-beam (regulated) 0mm – 30mm
Supplying of the sheet stepless control
Overall dimensions in work (length, width, height) 2735mm х 2600mm х 1500mm
Overall dimensions for transportation(length, width, height) 2735mm х 850mm х 1500mm
Weight 1200 кг.
Electricity network three-phased
Nominal voltage 380 V
Power consumption 5,18 kW
Automation Full Automatic
Oiling system of the tools Centralized
Noise Level 90dB
Productivity, cell size: 25X50mm 180 sq.m per hour
Productivity, cell size: 17X40mm 140 sq.m per hour
Productivity, cell size: 10X25mm 65 sq.m per hour

Montage to the ground is needed.

We provide the adjustment, running-in of the machine, and also educating of the workers is for free (training period takes 2 days), we help with the organization of transportation of the machine.

Machine Package: main machine, table for the sheets delivery, one set of knives for one cell size, manual.


For the production of the expanded metal mesh used cold rolled metal sheets or rolls and hot-dip galvanized metal sheets or rolls.

Cell size, mm Metal Thickness, mm Sheet Size,mm Square meters of mesh from 1 sheet Amount of rolls
25 × 60 0,5 1000 × 2000 40 2
25 × 50 0,5 1000 × 2000 34 2
17 × 40 0,5 1000 × 2000 30 2
С = A  (currency)


А – cost price of metal sheet(according to your currency);
В – square meters of mesh from 1 sheet;
С – cost price of one square meter  of mesh (according to your currency).

The cost of one square meter of mesh multiply with the amount of square meter in one roll, as the result you will get the cost-price of one roll of mesh:

S = C · X (currency)


Х – square meters in one roll;
S – the cost-price of one roll of mesh.

For the final roll cost calculation you should add salary of worker, electricity cost, rent, etc.


“LOT –SERVICE” company offers machines in Ukraine and abroad. Export shipments of equipment are made without VAT. Terms of delivery – FCA Lugansk. Payment can be made in RUS rubbles or US dollars. The delivery of the equipment usually makes by road transport, we can help you to find the best transport proposition.


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