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Chain Link Fence Machine

Automatic Chain Link Fence (Rabitz) Machine was made for the manufacture of woven mesh “Rabitz”. It allows you to produce a mesh with the cell sizes from 20 mm up to 60 mm. However, the width of roll can be up to 2-meter also winding of big roll is automatic. The weaving of mesh goes by using one cable of wire, what makes the process of adjustment of work very simple. You can use different types of wire with deviations from the operating standards. The production of mesh roll is controlled automatically by a microprocessor which is very simple to use.

This machine for the chain link fence production has a system of continuous circulation of the lubricating and cooling liquid (LCL).

As a result of this process, machine tool life increases from 8000 of rolls to 1000 from the one matrix-set.

Automatic shutdown in case of wire seizing, simple control, and reliable operation allows one employee to serve two and more machines at the same time.

The warranty period for the Chain Link Fence Machine takes 6 months, and also 1 year warranty on the microprocessor . Also our company provides technical assistance and makes the upgrading of machines.There are all the spare parts and accessories for machines in our stock, so we can supply our customers with tools and spare parts without delay, what is guarantees no downtime in production.

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The main advantages of Chain Link Fence Machine:

  1. While developing of this machine we used only industrial service parts what can guarantee long operating time and smooth functioning of our machine.
  2. Instead of separate motor and reducer we used high-speed, reliable gear-motor (Italy).
  3. As the device for supplying the cooling liquid to the weaving tool we used the unique emulsion pump (Taiwan).
  4. As the guide roller for wire we used hardmetal spinnerets. These spinnerets do not need to be replaced for all the period of machine’s operating life.
  5. We improved the machine’s productivity by reducing the weaving downtime between major technological steps in the machine’s work.
  6. Chain Link Fence Machined doesn’t need to be fixed to the ground.
  7. High maintainability as a result of industrial components usage, implementation of details and units of general engineering applications.

Complete payback of the machine is about two or three months!

  Machine Characteristics
Parameter Value
Overall dimensions 3200 mm. х 1200 mm. х 1300 mm.
Weight 750 kgs.
Electricity network three-phased
Nominal voltage 380 V.
Automation Full-Automatic
Power consumption to 2 kW.
Mesh width from 0.2m to 2m.
Cell Size from 20mm to 60mm
Wire Diamater from 1mm to 3mm
Productivity (sq. m per hour)
Cell size: 25 mm 22,0
Cell size: 35 mm 31,0
Cell size: 45 mm 48,0

Machine Package: 2 sets for two cell sizes (2 receiving tube, 2 matrixes, 2 knives), decoiling stand for wire, main machine, manual.


For the chain link fence production you can use black low-carbon wire or galvanized black low-carbon wire even you can use wire with the PVC covering. But don’t use spring wire.

The formula calculating, using it you can find out how many wire will be use for the one squere meter of mesh:

Станок для сетки рабицы вид прямо
m = 13,4 · d² (kg)

where 13,4 kilogram / mm – constant coefficient;
d – wire diameter, mm;
A –cell size, mm.

As the example we can calculate such kind of mesh:
d=2 mm, A=50mm, so the calculation:

13,4 · 4  = 1,07 (kg)

The resulting mass must be multiplied by the price of wire and the number of square meters in a single roll of mesh, this way we obtain the cost of material used for the one roll of mesh.

For the final roll cost calculation you should add salary of worker, electricity cost, rent, etc.

Станок сетка рабица сбоку


“LOT –SERVICE” company offers machines in Ukraine and abroad. Export shipments of equipment are made without VAT. Terms of delivery – FCA Lugansk. Payment can be made in RUS rubbles or US dollars. The delivery of the equipment usually makes by road transport, we can help you to find the best transport proposition.

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Профнастил и сетка рабица в Краснодаре от производителя! Цены на сетку рабицу!
Профнастил и сетка рабица в Краснодаре от производителя! Цены на сетку рабицу!